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Responsive Web Design

Where once there were only desktop computers the internet could be accessed on, we are in a time where it can be accessed on not only desktop computers, but tablets, smartphones, or smart TVs and everything in between. Step outside and view users a variety of devices everywhere you look. The world of the internet is shifting day to day on different devices and browsers, and this can pose problems for websites. Sites need to be able to adapt and look great on any device or platform.

Responsive web design is essentially the answer to this problem. A web site needs to be its best, and responsive design can allow for that. It allows sites to work on all devices, regardless of screen size. It can even be as simple as resizing the browser window. This process of design can help in a variety of ways.

To start, responsive design makes a site easier for the creators to design and manage, and makes for a one size fits all site. A designer only needs to create one web site that is fluid and can be automatically resized to fit any screen. This is much less of a hassle and is much less work to design. It also allows for a website to work on all future devices, as it can automatically resize to fit these. There is much less of a need to worry about the ever-changing nature of accessible internet on mobile devices. Responsive web design saves on time, money, and doesn’t cause the site to suffer its content value over different devices.

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More people are shopping on their smartphones and tablets. A website must function well on various devices and take into account the unique security (e.g. SSL Encryption) of different devices.

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Not only will a responsive web design help the creator of the site, but it will also help the site from the opposite end; the viewers/customers will have a more enjoyable experience on a better, more professional looking website.

A site sized for a computer monitor is difficult to navigate on a five inch screen and difficult to find relevant content on. Responsive design creates an easier site to access and use, plus the site looks much better. Additionally, a website will look the same on every device. Website links can be shared between a desktop computer and a smartphone and still look the same with the same content displayed on the screens. Customers will also have the same experience shopping on smartphones as on desktop computers. In our society, people use their mobile devices whenever possible, and a store that is mobile friendly will attract more business and website traffic as a result.

Responsive web design also greatly helps with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. When a web site can easily work the same on any device, there isn’t a need for different sites for different devices. There will not be a site for a smartphone and a separate site for a desktop computer. Sites will have the same URL and HTML on all devices, meaning one link will be all that is needed instead of several. Without this, search engines like Google are forced to index multiple versions of the exact same site. A single website reduces duplicate content issues, and improves search results. When all links and bookmarks point to the same site, SEO will improve naturally. Google even ranks device-friendly sites higher in results.

All in all, it’s clear that responsive design is a very important asset to web design. As a process, it’s almost impossible to not use and still create a site that is efficient and user-friendly. With responsive web design, users can enjoy a site whether viewing on their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or something else, and will note the smart and professional tone the site carries.

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